We are going to start with promotions at the end of 2022 for our project, which we started to work on in 2023. We are planning to reach millions of users by making our name in the gaming world in a short time with amazing promotional efforts.

2022-Establishment of company

– Company registration

– Obtaining all permits

2023 – Airdrop & Pre-Sale

We are going to sell 0/01% of our total supply, with the ICO pre-sale & Airdrop launch that we will start on 31 December, 2022. We will increase our promotional budget with the revenue from the ICO and ensure that the token will be available in more exchanges by providing liquidity to exchange platforms. Airdrop and pre-sale End in last Day of February 2023.

2023 – Exchange Listing

In the February of 2023, we will ensure that many of user’s from all around the world will trade our token by taking part in Exchange platforms. In the first stage, we will allocate 1% of our total supply for Dex Exchanges like pancakeswap. The remaining 29% will be allocated for Centralize exchanges.

2024 – Lunch Ranking platform

At the end of the 4 quarter of 2023, we will present our main platform called RANKING. And in first quarter of 2024 RANKING will be lunch. Our token is actually made as a native token of our ranking and future game platform, and we are confident that you will enjoy and earn from our projects.

2024 – NFT Projects

In the 4rd Quarter of 2024, we will launch our NFT Staking and NFT Marketplace projects. We are going to create platforms that millions of users can easily trade thanks to our projects designed with an innovative system.

2025 – Game Projects

In the 1th Quarter of 2025, we will initiate our first game project for Metaverse. We are going to be one of the pioneers in Metaverse with our game project and we will make our game available to millions of players.

2022-2024 Establishment of theory

– Study project
– Feasibility study
– Project sizing
– Basic document preparation
• analysis of market studies
• Feasibility study
• Prospects and goals
• Target population, platform
• Brand identity brochure
• Project operations strategy
• Work breakdown structure(WBS)
• Operational roadmap and development plans according to the schedule.
– BP economic-trade terms and conditions
– Macro and micro processes for the internal ecosystem
– Macro and micro processes for the external ecosystem with the ecosystem audience, trade partners, and developers
– Roadmap for marketing and market development
– Identifying indicators, establishing performance monitoring and evaluation system

2023-2024 Establishment of operations

– Equipping company headquarters

– Ocial setup of management and strategy teams, including thinktanks and senior managers

– Modeling the organizational structure and preparing human resources chart

– Regulating internal and external administrative processes

– Compiling document on mutual rights and responsibilities for the organization and humanresources

– Hiring and monitoring staff for the defined job descriptions

2023 Funding

– Defining funding model

– Compiling document for study of investment indicators and stock portfolio management

– Compiling document for economic justification of investment

– Compiling comparative investment indicators for diferent and similar ields, including the
blockchain ecosystem and other capital markets

2022-2024 Product research

– Strategic analysis of ecosystems, sectors, and systems according to marketing research systems

– System analysis of software required by the ecosystem, sectors, subsectors, and systems in line with technical standards

– Technical modeling and mapping of communication processes between the sectors and thee cosystem

– Elucidating the type, operation, and technology used for production

– Designing prototypes for the ecosystem and central system

– Presenting product development document based on study doc.

– Prioritizing production and systems development

2023-2028 Production and Platforms

– Project token programming and its customization

– Register and Acceptance to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

– Register and Acceptance to Cex Exchange

– Start the Token Allocation Plan

– Burn and lock token

– Referring site and introduction portal for the ecosystem

– Redesigning the PlayWork system at the central core.

• MGC Gaming




• MGC NFT Marketplace

• Game clubs

– Designing and producing the Cloud Gaming platform to service the PlayWork.

– Designing and producing the MGC Bank platform.

– Designing and producing MGC Land in the metaverse and connecting services to (PlayWork)