(MGC) Tokenomics and Distribution

MetaGamesCoin (MGC) 

Tokenomics and Distribution

MetaGamesCoin (MGC) is a cryptocurrency designed to power the MGC Ecosystem, a platform that integrates gaming with blockchain technology. The tokenomics of MGC are carefully structured to ensure a sustainable and growth-oriented economic model.

Tokenomics of MGC

Total Supply: The total supply of MGC tokens is capped at (100B).This finite supply is intended to create scarcity and potential value appreciation over time.

Circulation Supply : 1,099,999,700 tokens distributed in year 1 (2024) to exchanges (DEX and CEX) and other wallets.  About 60K Holders

Token Allocation model :

Team (10%):

A total of 10% is allocated to team members in 5 wallets where there are tokens at each address (2%) which will be distributed over ten years, to align the team’s motivations with the long-term success of the project. 

(10%) Treasury To ensure the future of the projects and the continued research and development of the ecosystem and moving forwardAll wallets will be locked in Mudra locker and distributed based on the model presented over the next ten years.



Game Reward (7%): A significant share is allocated for game rewards, incentivizing players to engage with the platform and contribute to its vibrancy.

One of the best platform for this rewards is RANKING platform, offering users the opportunity to play games and earn MGC tokens from register their games results. 



Marketing (9%): Marketing efforts are crucial for the adoption and recognition of MGC. This allocation supports promotional activities, partnerships, and community building.



Public Sale (6%)+Private Sale (3%): Tokens sold to the public provide liquidity and distribute tokens to a broader audience, enhancing decentralization.

Of course, one stage of it was pre-sold in the amount of tokens in history, and as a result of their sale, 4000BNB was obtained,and Private Sale early investors and strategic partners are given access to MGC tokens through private sales, often at a discounted rate.

A stage of private sale was also held, the result of which was the attraction of private investors



Liquidity (8.6%): Ensuring sufficient liquidity on exchanges is vital for the token’s stability and accessibility, hence the allocation for liquidity pools.



And 1000,000 $ liquidity in Dex exchange  (Pancakeswap), Of course, most of it is locked in Mudra locker. 

Distribution Strategy

Burn Mechanism (45%): A unique aspect of MGC’s distribution is the burn mechanism, where nearly half of the tokens are removed from circulation. This deflationary tactic reduces the available supply, potentially increasing the token’s rarity and value. 9B token was burn and 36B locked in Mudra locker, 

(9,000,000,300) MGC Burned 


(36,000,000,000) MGC Locked 0xa4e41fe3c8f20b8ec5e002efd16f1425449b6098

Sustainable Growth: The distribution model of MGC is designed to balance immediate operational needs with long-term sustainability. By allocating tokens to various stakeholders, MGC ensures that the ecosystem is nurtured, the community is rewarded, and the platform remains competitive.

This comprehensive approach to tokenomics and distribution positions MetaGamesCoin as a promising player in the blockchain gaming industry. The strategic allocation of tokens supports the ecosystem’s development while fostering a robust and engaged community.

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